SiNOZ Hygienic Care Set

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1x SiNOZ Lemon Cologne | 80% alc.
1x SiNOZ Hand Gel | Lemon Cologne
1x SiNOZ Repair & Care Hand Cream

SiNOZ Lemon Cologne| 80% alc.

Inspired by fresh lemon orchards, Sinoz Lemon Cologne offers fragrant hygiene with 80 ° alcohol. Produced in accordance with daily use, the cologne provides a feeling of cleanliness and relief from the moment it touches your skin. Produced as 250ml in a special glass bottle, Sinoz Lemon Cologne is stylish and easy to use in your home and office.

How to use

It is suitable for everyday use. Contains 80 ° alcohol. Caution Flammable. Not in to take!

SiNOZ Hand Gel | Lemon Cologne

Gel is an easy cleaning to release bacteria and viruses from your hands. The gel contains the fresh scent of lemon, alcohol to kill the harmful substances, bacteria and viruses. The gel contains alcohol to kill harmful substances, bacteria and viruses. SiNOZ Hand Gel | Lemon Cologne dries in seconds and gives extra clean hands without using water, soap or towel. The gel keeps the skin soft and supple and provides up to 99% clean and bacteria-free hands. The result is immediately noticeable after use. Your hands feel soft and clean.

How is it used?

Apply sufficient SiNOZ Hand Gel | Lemon Cologne on your hand and rub it in thoroughly for at least 30 seconds. Make sure you hit all skin folds well. Make sure your hands remain moist during the entire exposure time. Then let the hands dry well.

It is suitable for all skin types. If necessary throughout the day, Rinsing is not necessary. Not for consumption!

Sinoz Intensive Moisturising Repair & Care Hand Cream

With the Sinoz Intensive Repair & Care Hand Cream you can actually feel the nourishing effect of shea butter and vitamin E on your hands!

These ensure an intensive hydration and protection of our hands that often have to endure a lot by many external factors. Makes your hands smooth and soft and absorbs very quickly.

How to use?

Take enough amount cream and apply gently to your hands by massaging. Its ideal for daily use and it can be applied multiple times a day.

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