Seramic Face Care Set

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1x Seramic Beauty Cream
1x Seramic Carbon Mask

Seramic Beauty Cream

The special formula inside supports you to restore the elasticity your skin needs and also helps you to reduce wrinkles which caused by aging, mimic movements and environmental factors.Furthermore the soft, fresh, non-sticky formula nurtures your skin gently and gets easily absorbed by the skin.  

How to use

Apply a sufficent amount to your skin directly with the fingertips. The cream can also be used as a base which you can apply underneath of your make up and suitable to mix with your foundation.

Seramic Activated Carbon Mask

The Seramic Carbon Mask contains active charcoal particles with necessary components for a good skin cleanser which you will notice the positive change in your skin from the first use. With its purification content,it prevents skin lubrication or any skin problem which lubricating may cause.It provides a cleaner, more purified and homogenous skin by cleansing the area from black spots and dead skins.Carbon mask is suitable for all skin types.         

How to Apply? 

Apply enough amount of product on previously cleaned face and neck.

Wait 5-10 min to dry. Clean your face gently with water after mask dried completely.

Apply mask 1-2 times in a week. The product should not be applied close to hairline or around eye area.

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