New Well Derma make up Cover Nickel

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New Well Derma make up cover Foundation Nickel


intense covering foundation ideal for people with dark skin color. New Well Derma Cover Foundation - Porcelain Make-up (Intense covering foundation) Derma Cover Foundation has been specially formulated in the New Well laboratory. Newwell Derma Cover Foundation is the perfect product for those who prefer porcelain makeup.
• Porcelain makeup
• Daily make-up
• Night makeup
• Cinema make-up
• Tattoo
• acne, freckles and aging

it is a unique product that closes the unwanted defects on the body with a thin layer. After application Newwell Make-Up helps you throughout the day with a perfect, matte, non-shiny skin. New Well concealer covering foundation 15 SPF protects your skin against the harmful effects of the sun. Thanks to the excellent formula, it not only covers the dark circles under the eyes, but also blackheads and skin spots, even when applied with a thin layer. The product can be applied to all skin types with a perfect balance for lightening or darkening the skin. Dermatologically tested. Is suitable for professional use.


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