Sinoz Blue Anemon Flower Cream

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For thin lines, deep wrinkles and sagging. 50 ml
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Sinoz Blue Anemon Flower Cream is an anti-aging cream developed carefully in Sinoz Cosmetic laboratories. It has won the admiration of users in both Turkey and the world since 2008. Thanks to natural oils and vitamin E extracted from Sinoz Blue Anemon Flower which penetrates deep into the skin and helps it to be smooth, silky and clear. Sinoz Blue Anemon Flower Cream can be used by both women and men above the age of 28 or younger if you are more vulnerable for wrinkles because of genetics.

How to use

Apply adequate amount of the cream, preferably once a day during your night ritual, in a thin layer on a clean and dry skin . Keep the applied area away from water for a while and use regularly to get a better result.