Biolog Hair Care Shampoo

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Faster growth, extra volume, dandruff-free hair, easy combing and a shiny appearance with Biolog Hair Care Shampoo. 300 ml

Biolog Hair Care Shampoo

Attracting attention with its special formula consisting of plants from the heart of nature, Biolog Hair Care Shampoo provides a more voluminous and radiant appearance while caring for your scalp and hair. Biolog Hair Care shampoo, which fights dandruff with the support of zinc protein, heralds stronger hair with balm, chamomile and garlic extracts.




Root to Tip You will witness the strengthening effect on your hair, which grows easily with garlic and nettle extracts while nourishing carrots by feeding your scalp with horse chestnut extras.

Biolog Hair Care Shampoo helps prevent hair loss by strengthening your scalp with nettle and garlic extracts.

You will feel that nourishing grooming and horse chestnut extracts of chamomile extract treat your hair from root to tip. Your hair is ready to get strong again!


Anti dandruff
With the support of zinc protein, the appearance of dandruff, which turns into a nightmare while nourishing your scalp, is kept to a minimum! Biolog Hair Care Shampoo provides a healthy look by removing dandruff from your first use and preventing dandruff that will develop later.

Radiant and full look
While you give your hair the care it deserves, you get a more voluminous and radiant look with the renewal of balm extracts.

Brighter, more voluminous, vibrant hair ...

How to use Biolog Hair Care Shampoo?

Gently massage the wet hair using circular motions. Then rinse well. If necessary, repeat the process.


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