Seramic Beauty Cream

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Seramic Collagen Creams collagen formula supports your skin by filling into thin and deep wrinkles to help lighten your skin, gain a fuller tight youthful appearance, the pentavitin inside helps your skin keeping it hydrated and alive for up to 72 hours.
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Seramic Collagen Cream helps your skin to become smooth and radiant with  contents of vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and curative oils.It provides intensive moisture up to 72 hours with Pentavitin support.                   

The special formula inside supports you to restore the elasticity your skin needs and also helps you to reduce wrinkles which caused by aging, mimic movements and environmental factors.Furthermore the soft, fresh, non-sticky formula nurtures your skin gently and gets easily absorbed by the skin.  

How to use

Apply a sufficent amount to your skin directly with the fingertips. The cream can also be used as a base which you can apply underneath of your make up and suitable to mix with your foundation.