Face Wash Facial Cleansing for all Skin Types

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Biodermal Face Wash Facial Cleansing for all Skin Types 150 ml

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Healthy and strong skin starts with a good and gentle cleansing. Biodermal Face Wash Facial Cleansing for all skin types removes make-up and other impurities in an intensive way, without drying out your skin. Do you know why it is important to clean your facial skin every day? Good cleansing in the morning and evening not only removes make-up residues and pollution to which your skin is exposed daily, but also the dead skin cells and the sweat and sebum that are formed during the day. Biodermal Face Wash Facial cleansing for all skin types cleans thoroughly and ensures radiant skin. Cleansed skin absorbs the active ingredients of a day or night cream better. In addition to your daily care, it is therefore an absolute must for beautiful and radiant skin. Discover the benefits: • Suitable for all skin types • Removes dead skin cells • Provides better absorption of a day and night cream It: 1. CLEANSES: the face is intensively cleansed, without drying the skin. The skin feels fresh and clean after use. 2. SOFTENS: The mild cleansing agents from coconut oil leave your skin soft and clean. 3. HYDRATES: the Face Wash is suitable for all skin types, is soap-free, pH neutral and dermatologically tested.
Apply the Face Wash in the morning and evening on a damp face and neck. Then massage gently with your fingertips and rinse well with lukewarm water. The Face Wash can be used in combination with the Cleansing Lotion. Step-by-step plan for facial care Effective facial care starts with clean skin! Remove make-up, dust and dirt particles, sweat, sebum and dead skin cells every day so that care products can really support your skin. STEP 1: CLEAN the skin with a cleansing milk, mousse or face wash. STEP 2: RESTORE the skin's pH levels with a lotion. This also ensures that the products you then use are better absorbed. STEP 3: BOOST your skin with a few drops of P-CL-E serum or P-CL-E oil. STEP 4: CARE with a nourishing day cream or restorative night cream and a nourishing eye serum.

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